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Botanical name: Camilla sinensis
Other names: tea
Family: theaceae
Part used: leaf
Taste (rasa): bitter and astringent
Characteristic (guna): light
Energy (veerya): cooling
 Action (karma): stimulant, diuretic, appetite suppressant
Dose: Infuse 1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water.
Contraindications:  do not have after 3:00 pm if suffering from insomnia.


Ref: ‘Ayurvedic Medicine’ by Sebastian Pole; ‘Ayurvedic Pharmacology & Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants’ by Vaidya V.M. Gogte; ‘Yogi of Herbs’ by V. Lad & D. Frawley; ‘Herbs Are Special’ by Isabel Shipard.

Oolong Tea, 50 grams


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