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  • Milk is meant to be consumed warm, as it comes warm from the breast.  Cold milk will create phlegm.

  • Ice cream should not be consumed as a desert as it will greatly reduce the power of digestion, rather have it as a snack on a sunny day, between meals.

  • Sugary soft drinks should be avoided because they interfere with liver function, creating poor quality blood.  The sugar causes insulin to rush into the body interferring for the blood as they are full of sugar, they’re cold and they slow down digestion.


  • Simple carbohydrates should be avoided.  Complex carbohydrates are advised.


  • Cold drinks should be avoided in general because it slows down digestion.


  • Nuts as a snack should be avoided as they stay too long in the stomach and ferment creating toxins.


  • Any undigested food item creates toxins.  Toxins block the channels and create symptoms, then disease is left to develop.


  • Include turmeric in your diet, it’s a great liver tonic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.


  • Hot water is an excellent free medicine to start the day with.  It will dilate the channels helping movement in the body.


  • Avoid any processed, packaged food (including that loaf of bread!). As it is void of life and therefore natural intelligence.  The body responds to artificial food as if it were a disease and responds with auto immune system ailments.


  • Meditation for stress and food cravings.

  • Lifestyle choices are most important, including getting up in the morning (between 5am and 6am) and practicing yoga daily (it’s wonderful stretching for the body and calming for the mind).


  • Come to an Ayurvedic consultation or a cooking class to learn how best to empower yourself.  A consultation is recommended as it is about your specific, individual circumstances.



  • Do at least half an hour exercise every day. Yoga is recommended.


  • Drink a glass of hot water first thing in the morning to open up your channels.


  • Adopt a low gluten diet.


  • Eat less meat and more vegetables.


  • Give up processed food and drinks.


  • Replace cold drinks by hot ones such as fresh ginger tea.


  • Greatly limit sugar intake.


  • Snack on fruits.  Fresh dates are great.


  • Have regular meals, as in breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • Avoid nuts.


  • Avoid ice cream.


  • Have a cooked savoury breakfast.

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