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Detox Tea
Botanical name: Taraxacum officinale
Other names: piss-in-bed, lion’s tooth
Family: asteraceae
Part Used: root
Taste (rasa): bitter (tikta)
Characteristic (guna): light, dry & penetrating
Energy (veerya): heating
Post digestive effect (vipak): pungent
Dosha effect: decrease kapha & pitta
Action (karma): appetizer, cholagogue, purgative, anti-microbial, alterative, diuretic, anti-inflammatory
Dosage: Simmer gently 1 teaspoon per serve in a covered pan for 15 minutes.

Dandelion is primarily a detoxifying herb for Pitta and ama (toxins).  It cools, clears and cleanses the liver and gallbladder.


Ref: ‘Ayurvedic Medicine by Sebastian Pole; ‘Ayurvedic Pharmacology & Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants’ by Vaidya V.M. Gogte; ‘Yogi of Herbs’ by V. Lad & D. Frawley; ‘Herbs Are Special’ by Isabel Shipard.

Dandelion Root, 50 grams


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