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For Happiness & Well Being
Botanical name: Turnera diffusia
Other name: Damiana
Family: Turneraceae
Part used: leaves
Taste (Rasa): pungent (katu), bitter (tikta)
Charasteristic (Guna): light (lagu)
Energy (Veerya): heating (ushna)
Post digestive effect (Vipak): pungent (katu)
Action (karma): anti-anxiety, mood uplifter, nervine, calmative, carminative, blood cleanser, diuretic, aphrodiasiac especially for women.
Dosa: Decreases kapha.  Increases pitta.
Dose: Use 1 to 2 teaspoons daily.
Contraindications: Caution in pregnancy.


Our best selling herb!  Great for an instant pick-me-up or chill out, a natural mood up-lifter.  Useful in weaning smokers of tobacco or cannabis (smoked as an alternative) and harm reduction of alcohol.  Gives one an immediate natural lift.  Damiana is a native of Mexico and grows on the bushy hillsides along the Rio Grande in South Texas, West Texas and Southern California.  It is a national treasure to Mexico and very hard to get a plant of your own.  The ancient people of Mexico thought that damiana was effective in calming nerves and releiving depression and anxiety.  They smoked the leaves to relax, smoking damiana is practiced even now days.

Damiana, 30 gms


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