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Botanical name: Emblica officinalis
Other names: Indian gooseberry, amla
Part used: Fruit
Taste (rasa): All but salty, primarily sour, bitter, and astringent
Characteristic (guna): Light and dry
Energy (veerya): Cooling
Post didestive effect (vipak): Sweet
Dosha effect: All dosha are reduced
Action (karma): Nourishes the reproductive system, protects the heart, purifies the blood, digestive, benefits the eyes, benefits urinary diseases and diabetes, hair tonic, antacid and liver cleanser.


Known to promote ojas, amalaki is used as an antacid, a mild laxative, an anti-inflammatory of the intestines, it is used for bleeding disorders and is know for its beneficial action on the eyes. It is also used as a cardiotonic and antioxidant. It is said to have a high, stable vitamin C content. Amalaki alleviates the three doshas.

Amalaki Powder (organic), 100 grams


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