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Wild Lettuce 50g

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Botanical name: Lactuca virosa
Family: asteraceae
Part used: leaf, root
Action (karma): relaxing, sleepy, dreamy, anxiety, cigarette cough, harm reduction of opiates, hysteria, lung congestion, opiate withdrawal, opiate substitute, sea sickness, sedative, soothes nerves, stomach pain, sunburn, vivid dreams
Dose: Best smoked for effect
Contraindications: Ingestion of lettuce opium may coat the stomach wall and reduce the digestive process, it may also suppress sex drive. Best smoked for effect.


Wild lettuce is useful to quit tobacco &/or cannabis, as a replacement therapy. The Hopi Indians smoked the dried leaves and the roots of wild lettuce to intensify their dreams. Wild lettuce is known as poor man’s opium, it’s considered milder than poppy opium, but just as dreamy without the risk of addiction. It may assist in opiate withdrawal, rather than methadone which is addictive and some consider more damaging than heroin itself.

Ref: ‘Ayurvedic Medicine’ by Sebastian Pole; ‘Ayurvedic Pharmacology & Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants’ by Vaidya V.M. Gogte; ‘Yogi of Herbs’ by V. Lad & D. Frawley; ‘Herbs Are Special’ by Isabel Shipard.

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