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    The Complete Ayurvedic Cookbook
    5th Edition – Acidify and Live – an Ayurvedic Alkaline Diet

    By Jay D. Mulder B.Hlth.Sc.
    Cert. Ayurveda, Dip. Nutr., Dip. Herb.
    Member, Australian Traditional Medicine Society & Australasian Ayurvedic Practitioner Assocition

    Great knowledge and the essential Ayurvedic receipes.

    You might pose the question: ‘The Complete Ayurvedic Cookbook’, so small how can it be complete?

    Complete in the sense of being essential and dealing with the heart of Ayurvedic cooking such as the philosophical concept of tridosha or harmony, the cooking technique of chauncing and the unique concept of wholesomeness according to Caraka 600BC.”
    Jay D. Mulder.

    The Ayurvedic physician begins the cure of disease by arranging the diet that is to be followed by the patient.  Ayurvedic physicians rely so much on diet that it is declared that all diseases can be cured by following dietetic rules carefully along with the proper herbal supplements; but if a patient does not attend to his diet a hundred good medicines will not cure him.”
    Charaka Samhita 1.41 – Ayurvedic text written 600BC


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