consultation 1Ayurvedic Consultations

Put your destiny back into your own hands by gaining Ayurvedic knowledge through a personal consultation.  Ayurveda will empower you through lifestyle, diet and natural medicine.  Recommendations are made to suit you as an individual, addressing any ailments (your current imbalance known as vikruti) and your constitution (your original dosa, the prakruti).  Our aim is to bring you back into balance ensuring health and preventing future conditions.

Most symptoms can be helped, such as eczema, reflux, constipation, stress, weight gain, arthritis etc… by treating the root cause of the imbalance.

Clients will become students and must agree to change their daily routine and tweak their diet to assure their success.  Ultimately, it will enhance your life!


Email [email protected]  or phone Max on 0487 314 275.