According to Ayurveda everyone should do some exercise every day and it should be practiced before breakfast.  As a general rule, Ayurveda recommends exercising up to one half of one’s capacity, up to the point of a mild sweat.  It’s recommended to avoid repetitive exercise that stresses any one part of the body excessively.

Regular exercise improves circulation and increases strength, stamina and immunity.  It helps one to relax and to sleep peacefully.  It benefits the heart and lungs, is vital for effective digestion and elimination, and helps the body purify itself of toxins through sweating and deep breathing.

Exercise increases the rate of combustion of calories, so it is good for maintaining body weight and for weight loss.  It also makes the mind alert and sharp and develops keen perception.

Yoga stretching, Tai Chi and some aerobic exercise are valuable for all body types, but the amount and intensity of the exercise should be based upon the constitution.  Kapha types can do the most strenuous exercise, pittas can handle moderate amounts and vatas require the gentlest exercise.